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5 Reasons to Take the Blenditarian Pledge (Yes, you)

When it comes down to it, blenditarians just want to do better – whether in their cooking, for their health or for our planet. There are plenty of reasons and we bet at least one of those reasons matters to you. Have you taken the pledge? If not, here are five reasons to pledge that […]

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Which Blended Burger Should You Be Eating Right Now?

Put your burger-eating pants on: it’s National Burger Month. With so many burgers to choose from (and so little time!), the choice can be daunting. Fear not – just answer these five questions and we’ll reveal your dream blended burger (yes, the burger of your dreams!). Pick a movie for movie night. A) Wizard of […]

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2017 Blended Burger Project Kickoff

On April 19, 2017, more than 30 media and influencers gathered at the James Beard House to kick off the third-annual Blended Burger Project, a competition challenging chefs to menu their original burger that combines mushrooms with meat. At this year’s kickoff, which took place a few days before Earth Day, we highlighted how the […]

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An Earth-friendly Burger?

Is The Blend the solution to an Earth-friendly burger? Celebrate Earth Month and sustainability by… eating a burger?! With The Blend, you most certainly can. When you blend finely chopped mushrooms with meat, you’re not just adding flavor and nutrition, you’re making an Earth-friendly choice: A new mushroom sustainability study reveals the mighty mushroom not […]

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Knife & Tine Serves 3,000 Blended Meatballs at Good Food Festival Chicago

The Knife & Tine team served more than 3,000 blended meatballs at Good Food Festival Chicago! On March 17th and 18th, Team Blenditarian took over the Windy City! Chicago marked our first Blenditarian event at the 2017 Chicago Good Food Festival, a sustainability-focused conference for food influencers, farmers, business and organization leaders and consumers. Helping […]

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Do Better for Flavor

Better flavor is on the way. Impress your family or guests with a new cooking technique that will make meals more savory and flavorful: The Blend. Sure, you try to cut calories, but you still want your food to taste good. The Blend, or the combination of meat and mushrooms, is anything but bland. It […]

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Do Better for the Planet

Better sustainability practices don’t have to be hard. Reduce your impact on the environment by adopting sustainable food practices, like The Blend. One way to do better for the earth is to adopt The Blend. Simply replace a portion of the meat in your dishes with earth-friendly mushrooms. The Blend is the culinary practice of combining chopped […]

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Do Better for Health

With the blenditarian lifestyle you can do better for your health – and your family’s health – without having to sacrifice your favorite foods. Many people want to eat healthier, but have a hard time cutting back on less healthy foods. Fortunately, being a blenditarian, a.k.a. someone who blends chopped mushrooms with ground meat, allows […]

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How to Make a Blend Burger

How to Make a Blended Burger

A blended burger is a better burger. Learn how to put a healthier more delicious spin on a classic recipe. Get the Classic Blended Burger Recipe What’s your preferred technique for blending mushrooms into burgers? Weigh in with your tips below.

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The Blend at University of Southern California

The farm to tailgate is a fun and natural step for universities. It allows us a platform to communicate and simplify MOC principles into food commonly found on campus. Through this landscape we can reimagine the “classics” while adding elements of health, sustainability and flavor.” – Eric D. Ernest CEC, CCA, Executive Chef, USC Hospitality […]

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