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How to Honor the Earth When You Cook

Do the Earth a favor and blend your next burger. Mushrooms are considered one of the most sustainably produced foods in the U.S.!

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April Blenditarian Challenge: Power Greens

Go green for Earth Month and join the April Blenditarian Challenge: Create an earth-friendlier dish by incorporating The Blend (mushrooms + ground meat) into the “power greens” theme for a chance to win $250 this month! BONUS: Each of your monthly entries will also be entered to win the Annual Grand Prize: $2,500 for you […]

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We Love The Blend Because…

February is about celebrating the people and things you love, and it’s no secret that we blenditarians love The Blend. The Blend makes our meals more delicious, nutritious and sustainable – and it’s as easy as chop, blend, cook. There are endless reasons to love The Blend – but don’t just take our word for […]

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Why We Love The Blend

By Guest Blogger Katie Workman, The Mom 100 There is much talk about reducing our overall consumption of meat. It’s good for us personally, it’s good for the planet, and it’s also good for the karmic universe. But those burgers! Those meatballs! A piping hot moist meatloaf! These dishes won’t stop calling our names. And […]

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An Earth-friendly Burger?

Is The Blend the solution to an Earth-friendly burger? Celebrate Earth Month and sustainability by… eating a burger?! With The Blend, you most certainly can. When you blend finely chopped mushrooms with meat, you’re not just adding flavor and nutrition, you’re making an Earth-friendly choice: A new mushroom sustainability study reveals the mighty mushroom not […]

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Do Better for the Planet

Better sustainability practices don’t have to be hard. Reduce your impact on the environment by adopting sustainable food practices, like The Blend. One way to do better for the earth is to adopt The Blend. Simply replace a portion of the meat in your dishes with earth-friendly mushrooms. The Blend is the culinary practice of combining chopped […]

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