A Blend for Every Mealtime

Ways to Enjoy the Blend Morning, Noon and Night

Let’s face it: Summer can be a hectic time! Family vacations. 🌴 Road trips. 🚘 Kids’ summer camp. 🏕️ Not to mention, longer days typically mean more time spent outside. While you may be feeling stressed to get healthy, delicious meals on the table throughout the day, The Blend™ makes that one less thing to worry about.

The Blend can add some unbeatable benefits to your favorite meaty recipes, including:

  1. Flavor: Mushrooms offer a rich umami flavor to any recipe. ICYDK: Umami is one of the five basic taste categories that can be described as deep, meaty and savory. In addition to mushrooms, other foods such as meat, cheese and tomatoes are umami rich. So, combining meat and mushrooms means the overall flavor is amplified thanks to doubling the umami.
  2. Nutrition: Mushrooms are fat free, cholesterol free, low in sodium and low in calories. Not to mention, mushrooms contain nutrients like vitamin D and selenium, which can support healthy immune function. The bottom line: The Blend adds nutritional benefits without sacrificing flavor. That’s a win in our book!
  3. Cost-Effective: The Blend can help extend portion sizes. Mushrooms can bulk up the volume of ground meat recipes without hurting your bottom line.

Best of all, The Blend can be incorporated into any meal of the day. Morning, noon or night, as long as there’s ground meat involved, The Blend is possible! Discover a new blended recipe to add to your weekly rotation:


Potato Breakfast Hash With Eggs & Mushrooms

As the most important meal of the day, breakfast should be anything but boring. With a combination of portabella mushrooms and Italian sausage mixed with potatoes, bell peppers, cheese and eggs, this hash is surely the most delicious way to kick-start your morning.


Cheeseburger Quesadillas

If you’re looking for a lunch option that will receive approval from every family member, try combining two classics into one with Cheeseburger Quesadillas. In between two tortillas, add a blend of crimini mushrooms with beef and traditional burger toppings. Crisp to golden perfection in a skillet and voilà! Lunch is served.


Blended Beef & Crimini Queso

Appetizers are a must-have at backyard barbecues and family game nights. And they’re even better when both The Blend and cheese are involved! Grab a bag of tortilla chips and try for yourself with this Blended Beef and Crimini Queso.


Muffin Tin Meatloaves

This isn’t your mom’s meatloaf. It’s better! Finely chopped crimini mushrooms bring flavor, juiciness and texture to bite-sized meatloaves. Pair with mashed potatoes or steamed veggies for a well-rounded dinner.

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