Want to Win $10K? Cook Up a #BlendedBurger for a Chance! 🍔

Summer is so close we can almost taste it…and by “it” we mean burgers! National Burger Month is here meaning it’s time to break out the grill, toss on some blended burgers and enter for your chance to win $10,000! 

We’re hosting the third annual Blended Burger Contest, and this year, one home cook and one professional* will each be awarded $10K for their winning blended burger. Yep, you read that right! Two winners and $20K up for grabs.

Whether this is your third time entering or you’re new to the competition, there’s no denying that The Blend™ makes a burger better. From a boost in flavor to the added nutritional benefits, The Blend takes your burgers from blah to BAM!

Now through June 25, get those creative juices flowing, the grill fiery hot and cook up a winning blended burger recipe for a chance to win. All submitted recipes will be judged by the end of June. The two winning recipes will then be photographed and included in the November issue of Food Network Magazine. 

Eager to join?

Here’s how to enter the 2021 Blended Burger Contest:

Step 1: Develop your very own blended burger recipe made with at least 25% chopped cultivated mushrooms.** Creativity and out of the box ideas are totally welcome here!

Step 2: Enter your recipe and a recipe photo using the official entry form at FoodNetwork.com/blendedburgercontest.

Step 3 (Optional): Post your burger photo on Instagram using #BlendedBurgerContest and share more about your burger. We’d love to see what you’re cookin’ up!

To get you inspired, check out some of our favorite #BlendedBurger recipes below!

Classic Blended Burger

Start with a classic and customize to your heart’s content. 

Chili Maple Brunch Burger

Last year’s Blended Burger Contest winning burger combines three mushroom varieties, hot Italian ground sausage and ground turkey for a flavor explosion uniquely designed for brunch.

Mediterranean Blended Burger

No need to grab your passport or pack your bags to enjoy flavors of the Mediterranean with this burger recipe!

*A professional is anyone who has been employed to develop, cook or commercialize recipes in any manner, including chefs, food preparation professionals, cookbook authors and food product developers.

**Eligible mushroom varieties include store-bought white button, crimini, portabella, shiitake, oyster, enoki, beech, maitake, trumpet and lion’s mane.