How to Honor the Earth When You Cook

Do the Earth a favor and blend your next burger.

It’s Earth Month! Caring for the planet is important every day, but Earth Month is a special time to rethink your habits and rekindle your appreciation for the massive spinning sphere we all call home.

It’s great to get out and lend a hand in community projects and donate to green causes you care about but there are also simple, everyday decisions you can make that have a big long-term impact on the health of the planet, such as the foods you choose to eat.

Enter: The Mushroom

Mushrooms are not only healthy on the plate, they’re also gentle on the planet. Researchers have noted mushrooms can be considered one of the most sustainably produced foods in the United States.1 Here are the stats that make mushrooms such a sustainability hero:

  • Producing one pound of mushrooms requires only 1.8 gallons of water, a fraction of what’s required for many other foods.
  • Producing one pound of mushrooms also only requires 1.0 KWH of electricity.
  • Mushrooms don’t need much land to grow. In fact, just one acre of land can produce 1 million pounds of mushrooms.
  • Mushrooms are reusers by nature. They grow in bed of composted agricultural materials.
  • The recycling doesn’t stop there! After mushrooms are harvested, the soil is recycled for multiple uses, including potting soil.

Eat a Burger, Help the Planet?

Mushrooms are delicious in pasta, on sandwiches, in stir-fries, on pizza, in omelets…you get the idea. There’s not much mushrooms DON’T go well with but you can work them into even more of your favorite recipes with The Blend™. This trick is especially useful if you’re cooking for self-proclaimed “non-mushroom people” because they won’t even know they’re there.

Here’s how it works: Grab your favorite mushroom variety. Chop them up super small. Mix them with ground meat. Then, go on making your recipe per usual! The Blend is ideal for ground meat recipes like burgers, tacos, lasagna, meatballs, etc.

Plus, when you blend, you not only add a sustainable ingredient to your plate, you also add extra umami flavor and some excellent nutritional benefits.

Do the Earth a favor and get blending with the recipes below!

Blended Bison and Mushroom Burgers

Blending mushrooms with lean meats, such as bison, is the trick to keeping burgers juicy and tender.

Turkey & Mushroom BBQ Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

With just seven wholesome ingredients, this recipe is easy to make and comes together quickly.

Blended Pasta Sauce

Punch up the sustainability of your next pasta night with this blended rendition of a meaty red sauce.