Mushrooms: The Ultimate Secret Ingredient

A Secret Ingredient To Enhance Your Cooking 🤫

Chances are, you’ve been doing a lot more home cooking than ever before in the past 12 months or so. Whether you’re still finding your footing or you’re practically a Michelin Star chef, there’s always room for a little extra flavor. 

Cue: The Blend™

If you’re new to the trend, The Blend is a simple technique where finely chopped mushrooms are mixed with ground meat. While it’s easy to execute, the benefits are boundless. Here are a few: 

Flavor Enhancer 

Proven first in the blended burger, blending chopped mushrooms with meat has become a trusted cooking hack to make meals more flavorful. How is that so? It’s all about umami! Mushrooms’ umami mixes perfectly with meat for an entirely new flavor experience that’s a little earthy and a whole lot of yum.

Undercover Veggie

It’s not always easy to get kids (or even some adults!) to eat their veggies, but The Blend makes it painless. Mushrooms are technically a fungi, but they’re considered part of the vegetable category for dietary purposes. Plus, chopped mushrooms blend so seamlessly with meat, picky eaters won’t even notice they’re there

Nutrition Superstar

Besides enhancing flavor and providing a serving of veggies, mushrooms can add many important nutrients to your meals, such as B vitamins, copper, selenium and when exposed to UV light during the growing process, even vitamin D*. These nutrients play many important roles in your body, including feeding your immune system

Fit for Freestyling 

Prefer to “feel it out” when you’re cooking? No problem! The Blend isn’t only limited to pre-planned recipes, it can be used in just about any culinary creation that uses ground meat. Master the technique with this step-by-step video and learn how to scale it to your preference with this handy scale

Get Blending! 

Whether you’re a newbie or a long-time Blenditarian® you’ll love these blended recipes. 

Chicken Parm Burger

Enjoy a twist on the classic burger with a little Italian influence! Featuring Chicken Parm Blend Burgers that are easy to make, crowd pleasing, and nutritious!

Blended Potato Lasagna Bowl

With roasted mushrooms, lean ground beef, three different cheeses and delicious marinara all in one dish, you know you’re in for an incredible umami experience. Plus, this recipe can be prepped in just 15 minutes.

Korean Rice Bowls

A Korean Rice Bowl, or bibimbap is probably one of the most well known Korean dishes. It literally means mixed rice and that’s exactly what it is. A real comfort food, bibimbap is a rice dish that’s topped with various ingredients like assorted vegetables and meat.