5 Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Fuel Your Day

Unofficially crowned the “most important meal of the day,” breakfast fuels us with the energy we need to start each day on the right foot. According to the Whole Foods predictions for 2021, people will be enjoying better, more hearty breakfasts this year, and we’re certainly on board with that. 

In fact, we were inspired to brainstorm some delicious, unique ways to enjoy an epic breakfast every day using The Blend.™ Why The Blend? Because it not only adds flavor to meals, it also adds nutrients that are important for health and immunity. By adding mushrooms to the mix, you also add vitamin D and selenium, which are both important for healthy immune function. Take a look at our healthy breakfast ideas below and start cooking some legendary breakfasts! 

1. All The Eggs 

High in protein (6 grams per egg), low in cost and long-lasting in the fridge, eggs are a morning meal superstar. When you combine them with a sausage-mushroom blend, vitamin C-rich bell peppers (190% DV) and potatoes (40% DV), you get a hearty frittata full of vitamins and nutrients. 

2. Savory Sausage 

Sausage is a long-time breakfast favorite but when chopped mushrooms are added, it reaches a whole new level of delectable. Enhance your morning routine with our favorite recipe for better-tasting breakfast sausage.

3. Hash Time 

When breakfast time is hash time, you know it’s going to be a good day. The beauty of hash is that you can pretty much throw in whatever sounds good, making it a super flexible opinion for everyday mornings. If you need a little direction, we created a foolproof recipe with a hearty potato base and incredible sausage-mushroom blend you’ll be jumping out of bed to devour.

4. Breakfast Burgers

Yes, burgers are delicious before noon too, especially when a blended patty, chili maple syrup and fried eggs are involved. Treat yourself to this award-winning burger recipe for an epic start to your day. 

5. Breakfast On The Go

People often skip breakfast for lack of time, but with grab-and-go recipes like frittata muffins, you can do the prep ahead of time to keep your mornings quick. 

Want to Blend beyond breakfast? Find recipes for every meal of the day!