The Top 10 Blended Recipes From 2020

There are probably plenty of things you’ll be ready to leave behind in 2020, but these recipes are worth bringing along into the new year. We dug into the data to find your favorites, and the results are in! Check out your top 10 favorite blended recipes from 2020.

1. The Classic Blended Burger 

You clearly can’t mess with the classics. Our OG #blendedburger took home the trophy for the most popular recipe in 2020. The simple, juicy, irresistible burger continues to be the community’s favorite. If you haven’t tried it yet, get to it! 

2. Mexican Mushroom-Beef Blend 

A new addition to our recipe library in 2020, this one was home run. Not only did it come in at #2 overall, it also serves as the base for recipes #3 and #4 on this list. Made with just eight ingredients, this easy, versatile blend is perfect for meal prep and quick weeknight dinners. 

3. Mexican Lasagna

With tortillas instead of noodles, this creative take on lasagna is a time saving recipe that will please the whole family. 

4. Blended Mexican Tacos 

If you were a fan of the Mexican Mushroom Beef Blend above, this taco recipe is just a few steps away. Spoon the mixture into warm tortillas and top with cheese, lettuce, salsa, avocado and a tangy sauce made of sour cream, cilantro and lime juice.

5. Blended Pasta Sauce 

The perfect partner for any noodle, this hearty, meaty sauce is an easy way to warm up your winter evenings. And thanks to The BlendTM, you’ll get an extra serving of veggies on your plate too! 

6. 50/50 Blended Tacos

Another favorite since the beginning of the Blenditarian movement, these Blended Tacos are super easy to whip up, using 50% chopped mushrooms, 50% beef for a flavorful, healthy way to enjoy a classic favorite.  

7. Blended Turkey Meatloaf

This isn’t your grandma’s meatloaf. Made with chopped mushrooms and ground turkey, this recipe makes meatloaf cool again. 

8. Basic Mushroom Meat Blend

If you’re more of a freestyler than a recipe follower, use this recipe as a guide for how to use The Blend, and let your creativity take you from there.

Korean Rice Bowls With Turkey and Mushrooms

Rice. Veggies. Korean flavor. The Blend. This recipe pulls out all the stops for a bowl full of flavor you won’t soon forget. 

10. Pork and Shiitake Larb Burgers 

No wonder this recipe won the 2019 Blended Burger Project: Home Edition. Its unreal flavors and creative use of chopped mushrooms and ground pork inspired our Blenditarian community all the way through 2020!

Want even more delicious blended recipes to add to your 2021 menu? Find your new favorites!