They’re Here! 🎉🍔 Winning Blended Burger Contest Recipes

Summer 2020 was an interesting one. It was also one that sparked amazing, creative and mouth-watering blended burgers. Hundreds of home cooks across the country spent hours in their kitchens creating the perfect topping combinations, blend ratios and seasoning ensembles to enter into our annual Blended Burger Contest. We were thrilled to receive over 500 original recipes to try and choose from.

After tasting many, MANY burgers, three in particular knocked our socks off. We passed those recipes onto Bon Appetit’s Test Kitchen Director Chris Morocco to have the final say. He hopped on a Zoom call with each creator while he made and tasted their burgers. After thorough evaluation, he chose the grand prize winner who was then awarded $10,000 for their blended burger ingenuity! You can watch the excitement unfold here. 

Don’t they look delicious? Now you can try them yourself! Find the full recipes below and enjoy the best blended burgers in the country. 

FINALIST: French Bistro Smashburger by Stephanie Surowiec, West Bloomfield, MI

Drawing flavor inspiration from French onion soup and beef Wellington, Stephanie created a burger that wowed Chris.  

“This patty is pretty hard to beat. The aioli has lots of brightness and lots of acid. The cornichon adds so much. The two really balance each other out.” -Chris Morocco

FINALIST: “Maitake Red” Hamburger by Tyler Norby, Portland, OR

After experimenting with 36 different variations, Tyler perfected his recipe by blending button mushrooms into the patty and adding maitake mushrooms as a topping. 

“It’s like running full speed into a wall of flavor where everything feels integrated and harmonious. There is tons of nuance and intrigue from all the different spices happening in the dry rub.” -Chris Morocco

WINNER: Chili Maple Brunch Burger by Lauren Holley, Atlanta, GA

With her love for shiitake mushrooms and mushroom “bacon,” Lauren created a burger your taste buds will never forget.

“I was completely swept off my feet by this burger. I loved the mushroom bacon and all the different ways funk and heat were brought into this burger. It just had everything for me.” -Chris Morocco

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