So You Think You’re Not a Mushroom Person?

We get it. Not everyone can be a mushroom enthusiast ALL the time, but mushrooms do deserve a place somewhere in everyone’s diet.

If your friends, family or even yourself tend to avoid mushrooms, blending them with ground meat in recipes is a creative way to give this nutrient-packed food another shot.

Here are a three tips to help turn picky eaters into mushroom lovers:

Experiment with #TheBlend’s mushroom-meat ratio.

Blending mushrooms into meat-based recipes can make a dish next-level by enhancing its meaty, umami flavor and adding volume to make the meat go further. And the best part? Chopped mushrooms blend so seamlessly with ground meat, you get to enjoy the benefits of adding mushrooms without picky eaters detecting their presence.

Depending on the recipe, the ratio of mushrooms and meat can vary, so play around with your options and find the best balance for you.

Here are some guidelines for each recipe type:

  • For burgers and meatballs: 25% mushrooms to 75% meat.
  • For loose meat recipes like tacos and sloppy joes: 50% mushrooms to 50% meat.
  • For hearty pot dishes and pastas: 75% mushrooms to 25% meat.

Try a different mushroom variety.

Saying you’re not a mushroom person is like saying you’re not a music person. Sounds crazy, right? Just because there are some music genres you enjoy more than others doesn’t mean you don’t like music altogether. The same goes for mushrooms! You might like some while other flavors might not be for you. 

That being said, seek out a new mushroom variety you have yet to try. White buttons are very popular and mild in flavor, while beech mushrooms are fairly small, but sweet and crunchy. Oyster mushrooms on the other hand, come in all sorts of colors and are velvety with a delicate flavor. There’s also royal trumpets, criminis, portabellas, shiitakes and more. 

Don’t knock ‘em until you’ve tried them all! No matter the variety, they can all be chopped and blended into your recipes.

Remind yourself that eating mushrooms helps you and the planet.

Even if you only blend a few mushrooms into your recipes to start, at least you’ll know you are adding a boost of nutrition and, at the same time, supporting the planet. 

Mushrooms contain a large number of nutrients such as vitamin B, potassium, riboflavin and many others that are required for proper body function. Plus, they’re free of fat, cholesterol and gluten.

As for sustainability, mushrooms are gentle on the planet since they only require 1.8 gallons of water to grow and generate only a small quantity of carbon gas emissions.

So the next time you are hesitating to toss in some mushrooms, just think about all the good you are doing for yourself and the environment.

Still not sure? Check these blended recipes and taste the deliciousness for yourself!