Maximize Your Meat With This Simple Trick

For many, meat is an important source of protein in a well-balanced diet. It’s also a source of the cravable umami flavor we rely on to anchor our meals and satisfy our stomachs. But the reality is, you may not always have it on hand. Whether you’re running low between grocery runs or cutting back to stretch your grocery budget, The Blend™can help you maximize your meat supply.

The Blend = blending finely chopped mushrooms with ground meat to make meals more nutritious and delicious while extending portion sizes.


With the addition of chopped mushrooms, your meal gets a nutritious upgrade, including a serving of vitamin D without any added fat or cholesterol. Plus, The Blend is super flexible, so no matter how much meat you have, you can still enjoy your favorite recipes. It’s a culinary superhero that will save the day when a dish could use an extra volume boost or you need to make a little go a long way.

Blended Burger

25% Mushrooms

For A Little Volume Boost

When you just want some added flavor, texture and nutrition in your meal, use a blend of 25% mushrooms and 75% meat. This combination makes the perfect consistency for burgers, meatballs and meatloaf.

Blended Tacos

50% Mushrooms

For Double the Volume

If you only have half the meat your recipe needs or want it to go two times further, blend 50% mushrooms and 50% meat. This ratio is great for sloppy joes, tacos and casseroles.

Blenditarian Chili

75% Mushrooms

For Making A Little Go A Long Way

Just because you have limited meat to work with doesn’t mean you have limited possibilities. Using just 25% meat and 75% mushrooms can get you a delicious meaty base for flavorful chilis, sauces and other one-pot meals.

vegetarian pasta sauce

100% Mushrooms

For A Meat Alternative

If you need a full-on meat substitute, chopped mushrooms make a great alternative for ground meat in pasta sauces, tacos and burritos. Or, grill savory marinated portabellas for tasty all-mushroom burgers.

In the spirit of saving time and money, The Blend can also help you plan ahead. Learn how to cook once and eat twice with the convenience of blended recipes.