2020: Year of The Blend™

Welcome to 2020, blenditarians! A lot lies ahead of us this year: the dawn of a brand new decade, a leap year, the summer Olympics and, most exciting (especially for our taste buds), the Year of The Blend™.

The Trend is to Blend

Blending chopped mushrooms with meat makes meals more nutritious, delicious and sustainable and people are taking notice, pegging The Blend as a top food trend for 2020.

  • Food trendsetter Whole Foods included The Blend in their 2020 top ten food trends, citing the James Beard Foundation’s annual Blended Burger Project™ as a “movement that strives to make the iconic burger ‘better for customers and for the planet.’”
  • “Families are ready for more veggies and less meat — and welcome the savings,” according according to Food Network’s 2020 Food Trend forecast, listing blended burgers as a food trend we’ll be talking about in 2020.
  • Women’s Health Magazine spotlights “adding plants to real meats” in its list of ’10 Best Healthy Food Trends Coming In 2020, According To Nutritionists.’
  • Livestrong sees The Blend as a “true winner for most peoples’ taste buds” and ranked it #2 in their top 8 food trends for 2020.
  • According to Forbes, The Blend is giving meat-eating Americans more flexibility with their diet, allowing them to participate in the plant-forward movement without sacrificing the meat products they love to eat.

Along with making trends lists, The Blend is also moving onto grocery lists. You can now find convenient pre-made blended burger patties in the frozen meat case at grocery stores. Look for these brands in your local freezer aisle!

Make 2020 the year you join the trend or renew your pledge to blend. Here’s to a year of health, wealth and happiness. Here’s to the Year of The Blend!

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Joy Green | IG: @joyfullygreen

“My picky eaters are not easy to please but adding mushrooms to our meat dishes is toddler AND husband tried and true!”