Meet the Winning Burger of Blended Burger Project: Home Edition

For years, we’ve challenged skilled chefs to create original recipes through the annual James Beard Foundation’s Blended Burger Project™. This year, we created a new version of the contest to shed light on all those who blend at home, and the results were staggeringly delicious.

Throughout the contest, creative, original recipes flowed in from blenditarians across the country but, in the end, one imaginative burger stood out among them all: Rachel Johnson’s Pork and Shiitake Larb Burger.

This ingenious creation turns tradition on its head, blending shiitakes and ground pork with a harmony of sweet and spicy Asian flavors.

“This burger is inspired by a traditional Thai meat ‘salad,’ lending its bold flavor to a sweet and spicy sauce, savory peanuts and a generous helping of fresh herbs. The addition of shiitake mushrooms offsets the richness of ground pork in the patty, and a bright and crunchy salad ties the whole burger together for a mix of crunchy, salty, savory and sweet,” said Rachel.

Try this winning burger in your own kitchen. Watch the step-by-step video below and find the full recipe here.

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