Where Can You Find The Blend?

You’ve heard it before: Chop. Blend. Cook. Repeat. There’s a reason this technique is trending in kitchens across the nation. Blending chopped mushrooms with ground meat may not only enhance flavor, cut calories and extend portion sizes, but it can be more sustainable too. Now that’s a culinary concept you can sink your teeth into! So where can you find The Blend?

At Restaurants

More than 400+ restaurants across the country have blended burgers on their menus this summer. Through July 31, as part of the James Beard Foundation’s Blended Burger Project, participating restaurants in all 50 states are putting their own twist on the “plant-forward” approach to the iconic American burger. Find participating restaurants near you and give their creative renditions a try. Then, vote for your favorite to help them reach the Blended Burger Project finals.

On Grocery Store Shelves

Well, more like grocery stores’ freezer shelves. Several food brands have added blended burgers to their frozen protein lines, so you can stock your freezer with prepared patties and enjoy the benefits of The Blend whenever a hankering hits. Look for Applegate Farms Blend Burgers, Teton Waters Ranch Burger Blends and other blended burgers showing up at grocery stores. You can also find pre-chopped mushrooms at select grocers to make blending even easier when you get home.

In Your Very Own Kitchen

Speaking of home, The Blend isn’t just for professional chefs and brands. It’s easy to use in your own kitchen too. You can incorporate it into your favorite family recipes using The Blend Scale as a guide or try one of our proven-delicious recipes no matter where you are in your Blenditarian journey: