How to Make the Perfect Stuffed Mushroom for National Stuffed Mushroom Day

Today is considered a sacred day for mushroom lovers: it’s National Stuffed Mushroom Day.

With so many options when it comes to stuffed mushrooms – any combination of cheese, meat and veggies can be used – the decision on which stuffed mushroom to make can be overwhelming (tip: make them all and you can’t go wrong). If your schedule doesn’t allow for all the stuffed mushrooms, might we suggest what we consider to be the perfect stuffed mushroom.

“Perfect?” you ask. Hear us out.

You start with the humble and delicious white button. We’re flexible on this step – we think any mushroom with a round cap will make this dish incredible. We like white buttons because they absorb and maximize the flavors of the other ingredients.

Instead of tossing those stems, we chop them up and blend them with zesty ground sausage. We are talking about a major punch of umami here: savory mushrooms + meat.

Next comes a game changer: cheese. And not just any cheese – cream cheese. This will transform your mushroom-meat blend into a decadent mouthful of gosh darn greatness.

Now, to add body to the whole shabang, we toss in some panko bread crumbs.

From here, you know the drill: fill, bake, remain calm for 25 minutes while things get bubbly.

And finally, sprinkle with freshly grated parm for a sharp, nutty finish (cue the angel chorus).

Add a final garnish of aromatic basil and voila: the perfect stuffed mushroom.

Try this Classic Stuffed Mushroom recipe and celebrate National Stuffed Mushroom Day in the best way.