You say you want a resolution? Cook The Blend

With the whirlwind of the holidays behind us, we’re kick-starting 2019 with a fresh set of New Year’s resolutions. Which are on your list?

✔ Read more books

✔ Eat more veggies

✔ Spend more time with family

✔ Procrastinate less

✔ Make more sustainable choices

✔ Travel somewhere new

✔ Quit a bad habit


Here’s one way to check-off several resolutions at once: blend mushrooms into your favorite dishes.

  • While simple to learn, using The Blend adds big, bold flavor to your dishes, making you a rockstar in the kitchen.
  • The Blend is an easy way to add a serving of veggies to your plate (while still enjoying your favorite meat dishes) and gives the entire family an excuse to sit down for a meal together.
  • You can feel good knowing that mushrooms are considered “one of the most sustainably-produced foods in the United States.”*

Add The Blend to your menu this year and start checking those boxes.

January Recipe Challenge

Show off your blending skills (and check out others who are blending) by posting your finished dish to social media with the hashtag #blenditarian.

Recipe: Blended Mushroom Spinach Homemade Sausage Patties

Blended Mushroom Spinach Homemade Sausage Patties