December Blenditarian Challenge: Comfort Food

Join the December Blenditarian Challenge: Upgrade traditional “comfort food” dishes by incorporating The Blend for a chance to win $250.

Each of your monthly entries are entered to win the Annual Grand Prize:
$2,500 for you + $2,500 to a local food bank of your choice!

We all have that one dish – a classic recipe that warms the soul (and belly). What’s yours? Whatever your favorite comfort food is, take it to another level by incorporating The Blend (mushrooms + meat). Mushrooms are packed with umami, meaning more flavor in every bite.

Share with us your twist on a “comfort food” dish. At the end of the month, five lucky winners’ posts will be randomly chosen to win $250 each!

The Blend is Easy:

Enter to Win:

1. Use The Blend in a “comfort food” dish (your own creation or one of our recipes below). Important: You must blend mushrooms into your dish.
2. Log in to the sweepstakes form below.
3. Follow the steps to earn entries to win!

Deadline: December 21 – Challenge Closed

December Winners:

December Blenditarian Challenge: Comfort Foods

Official #BlenditarianChallenge Sweepstakes Rules

Sloppy Joes

Revisit a childhood favorite! Extra sloppy, please.

Blended Sloppy Joes


Just like Mom used to make…almost. The secret ingredient to this recipe is the addition of umami-packed mushrooms that make the meatloaf more flavorful and moist.


Easy Shepherd’s Pie

A classic comfort food dish with added flavors – Worcestershire, steak sauce and finely chopped mushrooms.

Easy Shepherd's Pie