November Blenditarian Challenge: Holiday Classics

Join the November Blenditarian Challenge: Transform your “holiday classics” by incorporating The Blend for a chance to win $250.

Each of your monthly entries are entered to win the Annual Grand Prize:
$2,500 for you + $2,500 to a local food bank of your choice!

‘Tis the season when everyone gathers ’round the kitchen table to eat, drink and be merry. From casseroles to stuffing, mushrooms can make your holiday recipes even more special and delicious by adding an extra boost of flavor. This holiday season, make your traditional meals but make them better.

Share your “holiday classics” with us: Take a photo of your dish and share on social but remember that the challenge is to include The Blend (finely chopped mushrooms + ground meat) in your dish.

The Blend is Easy:

Enter to Win:

1. Use The Blend in a “holiday classic” dish (your own creation or one of our recipes below). Important: You must blend mushrooms into your dish.
2. Log in to the sweepstakes form below.
3. Follow the steps to earn entries to win!

Deadline: November 21

November Winners:

November Blenditarian Challenge: Holiday Classics

Official #BlenditarianChallenge Sweepstakes Rules

Sausage and Mushroom Stuffing

No holiday feast is complete without a heaping serving of stuffing. Make a deluxe version of your traditional stuffing by blending shiitake mushrooms and sausage.

Blended Sausage Mushroom Stuffing

Stuffed Acorn Squash

This festive recipe is filled with the flavors of fall: nutty acorn squash, a rich sausage-mushroom blend, sweet and tangy apples, and fresh thyme, all topped with a warm brown sage butter.

Pork and Mushroom Hand Pies

Use up any leftover pie crust to create flaky hand pies stuffed with a blend of ground pork and mushrooms.