10 Tailgate Tips for a Winning Game Day

Use these tailgate tips and tricks to score major points on game day.

1. Prep. Plan your menu the day or night before to maximize game-watching time during your tailgate. Simple steps you can take include pre-making blended burger patties, chopping and packaging toppings (don’t forget sliced mushrooms!), pre-chilling drinks and packing utensils.

2. Pack it up, pack it in. Pack along a roomy cooler full of beverage choices sure to please all. Don’t forget to save room for food and pack tightly to avoid exposure to warm air.

3. Bring on the grub. Aside from the game, food is #1 at any tailgate or watch party. Use The Blend (finely chopped mushrooms + ground meat) to take game-day favorites to a new level. Our go-to game-day recipes include sliders, queso – and of course, burgers!

4. Become a grill master. Grilling a perfect burger is an artform. Start by upgrading your burgers with The Blend. Use these six simple steps for grilling up the best burgers in the lot.

5. Dress the part. From jerseys to scarfs to foam mittens, make sure to rock your team’s colors!

6. Stay hydrated. Don’t foul-out – make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. Add frozen water bottles to your cooler – they’ll keep things cool, plus you’ll have ice-cold water to drink once they melt.

7. Bring entertainment for down times. Keep the games going during half time with a football to toss, giant Jenga or bag toss. And of course, bring some tunes!

8. Shareable snacks for all. While the grill is heating up, bust out the apps. The Blend is easy to add to sides and snacks. Snag this crowd-friendly DIY Loaded Pub Chips Bar from Urban Bliss Life. It’ll be the tailgate MVP!

9. Don’t forget those odds and ends. Aluminum foil is key for grilling food in foil or wrapping up leftovers; bungee cords can hold together tents and tables; and bottle openers, paper towels and hand sanitizer are clutch when you don’t have access to a kitchen.

10. Keep it simple. Simplicity is key when it comes to tailgating. Prepping, planning and clean-up will be a breeze and you can focus on what matters: cheering for your team!