September Blenditarian Challenge: Better Bowls

Join the September Blenditarian Challenge for a chance to win $250: Build a “better bowl” by adding The Blend.

Each of your monthly entries are entered to win the Annual Grand Prize:
$2,500 for you + $2,500 to a local food bank of your choice!

Bowls are a convenient (and delicious!) way to fill up on your favorite grains, veggies and proteins in one simple dish. There are no boundaries to what you can add to your bowls; customize with all of your favorite ingredients – including The Blend.

This month, we challenge you to use The Blend (chopped mushrooms + ground meat) to make your bowls even better. Share your “better bowl” on Twitter or Instagram for a chance to win $250 (5 monthly winners total)!

The Blend is Easy:

Enter to Win:

1. Use The Blend in a “better bowl” (your own creation or one of our recipes below). Important: You must blend mushrooms into your dish.
2. Log in to the sweepstakes form below.
3. Follow the steps to earn entries to win!

Deadline: September 21

September Winners:

September Blenditarian Challenge: Better Bowls

Official #BlenditarianChallenge Sweepstakes Rules

Rice-Noodle Bowl with Blended Meatballs

This bowl is filled to the brim with flavors and textures: savory blended meatballs, crisp fresh veggies, crunchy roasted peanuts and a sweet and sour sauce.

Rice-Noodle Bowl with Blended Meatballs

Mushroom & Bison Shawarma Bowls

You’ll be asking for seconds (and thirds!) of this bold bowl full of shawarma spices that are cooled by tangy tahini yogurt.

Blended Mushroom and Bison Shawarma Bowls

Blended Asian Beef Bowl

Skip the noodles and go for zoodles in this veggie-packed blended dish that beats takeout.

Blended Asian Beef Bowl with Cucumber Carrot Salad