Hack the SONIC Slinger!

The SONIC Slinger Hack is Here

Blenditarians, have you heard? SONIC®’s all-new Signature Slinger is the first mushroom-blended burger served at a national fast food chain, and we’re here to help you HACK the Slinger.

Available for a limited time, SONIC®’s Slinger blends finely chopped mushrooms, 100% pure beef and seasonings to create a juicy, flavorful patty with none of the guilt. Score!

Grab one today at a SONIC near you, then check out the not-so-secret tips to hacking this burger at home!

SONIC Slinger Hack

Hurry – this Signature Slinger is only available for a limited time. Try one and tell us what you think using the hashtag #SonicSlinger.