We Love The Blend Because…

February is about celebrating the people and things you love, and it’s no secret that we blenditarians love The Blend. The Blend makes our meals more delicious, nutritious and sustainable – and it’s as easy as chop, blend, cook.

There are endless reasons to love The Blend – but don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at what the blenditarians below have to say about their love for The Blend and all the ways it’s making their lives better.

“I am a blenditarian because I’m inspired to create flavorful, healthy food for my family and becoming a blenditarian is a great way to add nutrients and punch up our burgers!” – Megan, New York

“Being a chef at a hospital, I know the importance of cooking healthy meals. The famous Hippocrates quote “let food be thy medicine” has never been more significant.” – James, New York

Your new secret weapon: the mighty mushroom! Blending mushrooms with meat can reduce fat, sodium, and cholesterol while adding vitamin D (6 IU), and many other nutrients. Considering healthier choices has never been easier.

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“I am a blenditarian because I want to lead a healthier lifestyle but not give up the flavor profile that I’m used to. I love to find new creative ways to make the foods I enjoy!” – Alaina, Maryland

“I am a blenditarian because I love mushrooms and I know that they add a special ‘Umami’ to the foods and meals I enjoy the most.” – Catherine, Washington

Say it with us: umami. Mushrooms are packed with umami flavor – the fifth taste described as a savory, meaty taste sensation. Add The Blend to all of your favorite recipes, including tacos, meatballs, pasta and more!

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“I am a blenditarian because I am always looking for a better way to eat. Add mushrooms, equal amounts of beef to make a sustainable burger.” – Rachel, Alabama

“We’re getting married this year and pledge to build a healthier and more sustainable culture for my growing family and future children.” – JoAnne, Maryland

Researchers have noted mushrooms can be considered “one of the most sustainably produced foods in the United States.” How? They require minimal room to grow and only 1.8 gallons of water to produce one pound of mushrooms.

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Blenditarians love The Blend because it is the answer to more delicious, nutritious and sustainable meals. Take the pledge today and tell us why you love The Blend!

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