Q&A: Chef Christian, WSU Dining, Washington State University

The Blended Burger Project™ Campus Edition is nearing its end and we have invited Chef Christian Siple, WSU Dining, Washington State University to tell us a little about himself and what inspired his Blended Burger.

What do you like about The Blend concept?

I think it is a cool way to look at doing burgers, a nice way to break out of the box of conventional boring all ground beef patties. We have been trying to promote “Less Meat Mondays”, so this worked perfectly for us.

What was the inspiration for your Blended Burger?

Our inspiration was Asian Fusion. We developed a ponzu slaw, and knew we wanted to use Gochujang.

“We do a blended spaghetti sauce using mushrooms and ground beef as well as the burger. I can see us using The Blend concept to develop quite a few more burger specials, to promote less meat Monday, and just for something different and exciting.”


What has the feedback been from students?

All and all we got really positive feedback, they enjoyed the flavor profile, and thought the whole concept of the blended burger was cool.

If you weren’t a chef, you’d be…?

I don’t know cooking has always been the one thing I was really passionate about and had the talent to back it up. If I could do anything else I guess I could see myself as a professional Photographer.

At a Glance:

Favorite Mushroom: Shiitake
Your favorite dish: Butter Chicken
Your most popular dish: Chicken Parmesan

Blended Burger Project™ Recipe: The Gochujang Mushroom Burger

Gochujang three ways – Washington State University ground beef blended with 25% crimini mushrooms, and a gochujang marinade. Topped with ponzu slaw, and gochujang glaze all on a brioche bun toasted with gochujang aioli

Serves: 50


Korean Marinade:

Brown Sugar
Cider Vinegar
Sesame oil

Gochujang Mayo:


Ponzu Slaw:

Snow peas
Fennel bulb
Red onions
Sesame seed
Lemon zest

Blended Burger Mixture:

Ground Beef
Korean Marinade


  1. Follow the Sub assembly recipes for the Blended Burger Mixture, Ponzu Slaw, Gochujang Mayo, and Korean mixture.
  2. Spread The Gochujang mayo on both the crown and bottom of a brioche bun set aside.
  3. Place Patty of Blended burger mixture on a preheated flat top, let cook for about 3 minutes Flip press down and put a weight on it.
  4. Place Buns mayo side down on grill until golden brown (about 2-3 minutes).
  5. Once patty is cooked all the way through place on bottom bun drizzle with Korean marinade, then top with Ponzu slaw and place the crown on top of slaw.


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