Q&A: Chef Ian, Rutgers Dining, Rutgers University

The Blended Burger Project™ Campus Edition is nearing its end and we have invited Chef Ian Keith, Rutgers Dining, Rutgers University to tell us a little about himself and what inspired his Blended Burger.

What do you like about The Blend concept?

The blend concept allows us to provide more nutritious offerings to our student body by the way of whole intact grains and vegetables in an almost “stealth health”. What is a better vehicle to use than the iconic burger.

What was the inspiration for your Blended Burger?

Early on in my career a mentor chef would host Sunday afternoon wine tastings. At these tasting events we would blindfold our patrons and fashion a clothespin on their nose and then introduce certain foods and wines. Quite often mushroom “filets” if seasoned like beef were perceived to be beef. 20 years later it lead to an ‘Ahhaaa” moment. What stirs future passion is ingredients from the past.

“The Blend offers students variety and choice… We menu Dumplings, Samosas, Burritos, Springrolls and Tacos, to name a few that we are doing. “


How have you been promoting your burger?

Social media, internal contests and info graphics and surveys.

What has the feedback been from students?

Looking at the results of our survey, there is a resounding positive view.

If you weren’t a chef, you’d be…?


At a Glance:

Favorite Mushroom: Morel
Your favorite dish: Wild Mushroom Fricasse
Your most popular dish: Rabbit Pizza


Chef Ian Keith
Rutgers Dining
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