Reasor’s Retail RD Discusses The Blend and Shares Winning Blended Burger Recipe

Reasor’s Retail RD Discusses The Blend

We chatted with Heather Steele, a retail dietitian at Reasor’s (an Oklahoma-based grocery store chain) and the winner of the Mushroom Council’s Retail RD Blenditarian Recipe Contest, about her thoughts on The Blend. Heather won top prize in the recipe contest for her Chicken Parm Blended Burger, which combines savory chicken parm with a burger in a healthy yet flavorful way.

1. What inspired your Chicken Parm Blended Burger recipe?

The Chicken Parm Blended Burger marries my love for chicken parmesan and my husband’s love for burgers. I was inspired to make a unique and healthier version of chicken parm that doesn’t require so much breading and deep frying. I also love that my healthier chicken parm has that burger vibe that screams summertime and brings out the feeling of togetherness with family and friends.

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2. Why do you love making The Blend?

Mushrooms happen to be one of my favorite vegetables, so I obviously love adding them to my meals! Personally, I love The Blend because it is super easy to incorporate into meals while improving flavor and keeping cook time relatively the same. As a dietitian, I love that The Blend is an effortless way for anyone to add an extra serving of vegetables to their favorite meals and it can fit into any food budget.

3. What do your shoppers at Reasor’s love about The Blend?

Most of the shoppers I have worked with at Reasor’s are surprised to learn the different ways you can incorporate mushrooms in recipes. Most people only think about mushrooms as a vegetable to be eaten alone, but after learning about The Blend it opens a whole new world. People love learning that they can incorporate mushrooms into their favorite go-to dishes. Shoppers are always looking for quick and easy ways they can cook healthy meals for their families and The Blend fits the bill.

4. What are some of the health benefits of The Blend?

Blending mushrooms into meat means less calories, sodium, added sugars, and fat and more vitamins.

I like to think of The Blend as a nutrition boost to meals. One of my favorite things to highlight is the vitamin D content of mushrooms. Just one serving of UV-exposed crimini mushrooms can provide you with 1086 IU of vitamin D. With so many Americans lacking in vitamin D, the simple addition of mushrooms can really help with this deficiency. Mushrooms are healthy for our planet, too, and more and more shoppers are concerned about the environmental impact of their food.

5. What’s your favorite blend recipe to make at home?

While I love my Chicken Parm Blended Burgers, I always find myself making tacos using The Blend at home. They are so quick and easy to throw together for weeknight dinners, and honestly, who doesn’t love tacos?

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Disclosure: All opinions, health claims and statements are those of interviewee.