One Blend, Four Dinners: Back-to-School Meals Made Simple

The Blend makes back-to-school meals easy.

Homework, car pool, soccer practice – school is back in session and fall schedules are hectic! Every second counts when it comes to finding the time to make healthy family dinners. The Blend, or the act of blending finely chopped mushrooms into ground meat, can be an easy-prep, versatile solution for stretching your dinner dollars and adding more vegetables to the plate.

The beauty of The Blend is it can be prepared in advance and saved for later. If you only have minutes to get dinner on the table, prep the blended mushroom and meat mixture ahead of time and store it in the fridge (up to 1-2 days*) until ready to use.

4 Dinners Made Easy with The Blend

Note: We used ground beef in these recipes, but The Blend works with any ground meat – chicken, turkey and even bison.

Three reasons why you should adopt The Blend in your household:

Want something healthy that still appeals to kids?
Even the pickiest of eaters will eat mushrooms when the mushrooms are blended into meat as a part of their favorite meals. Kids may turn down roasted mushrooms but will have a tough time resisting tacos. All mushrooms are naturally low in calories, as well as being fat and cholesterol free. Try a variety and pack in the nutrients:

  • Oyster and crimini are good sources of potassium
  • Maitakes serve up over twice the daily value of vitamin D
  • Crimini, shiitake and portabellas are all excellent sources of selenium

Sick of serving the same dinner night after night?
The Blend can help put a unique spin on your go-to meals. Since the process of blending mushrooms into meat is so versatile and adaptable, you can use The Blend in tacos, chili, spaghetti, burgers, enchiladas, lasagna – any dish that uses ground meat can use blended meat instead.

Want to stretch portions?
Adding mushrooms into your ground meat means more food (and an added dose of nutrients) for those hungry kiddos.

Use the recipes above or any of the recipes in our database to make The Blend a part of your weekly menu. All you need to do is add mushrooms to the grocery list!

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*Source: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services