Spotted: Celeb Jack Johnson Eating a Blended Burger

Stars they’re just like us – they even eat blended burgers!

Let us set the stage: On Saturday, July 15th, we hosted a blenditarian booth at the Burgers, Brews and Bluegrass Block Party at Slow Food Nations in Denver, Colorado.

We had our own section at this all-inclusive block party, which included five chefs serving three different burgers. Burger options included two blended burgers, two grass fed beef burgers and one veggie burger. Attendees could also enjoy Colorado-brewed beers from The Post Brewing Company and bluegrass tunes.

blended burgers at Slow Food Nations

At our blenditarian booth, we served two different blended burger sliders to both Blend newbies and Blend fans alike:

  • Blended Burger #1: Blended Beast Burger, from Chef Paul C. Reily of Beast + Bottle, a 75/25 grass fed beef and maitake mushroom blend, with sunflower seeds, local ricotta herb spread, pickles and arugula.
  • Blended Burger #2: Enchanted Beet Blended Burger, from Chef Evan Mallett of Black Trumpet, consisted of ground goat and beef blended with chanterelles and beets, rubbed with Lebanese doner spices and topped with goat cheddar.

Attendees loved the blended burgers and many told us the mushroom + meat burger was their favorite burger of the day.

After a long morning serving nearly 500 blended burger sliders to hungry crowds, we were surprised with a special guest: Jack Johnson! The musician was leading a session later in the day and stopped by the block party to try a blended burger. We might be biased, but he seemed to love the burger. Looks like we may a new high-profile blenditarian on our hands!

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