Q&A: Chef Gabriel Capo, F&B Atlanta

With an impressive and nuanced understanding of French and Mediterranean cuisine, Chef Gabriel Capo shines at this French bistro with an artist’s aesthetic and celebrity style.

What inspires you as a chef?

What inspire me to be a chef…the culture, the amazing variety of products, techniques and traditions in the world. One of my passions is to travel, to me that goes hand in hand with food, and always exploring new flavors. I am a classically trained Chef, and hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration of Hotels and Restaurants and Culinary Arts from the Culinary Institute of Mexico.

Why are you participating in the Blended Burger Project™?

I believe that being more conscious about what we eat and how it gets to your plate is very important. Creating a burger that is more sustainable is one step forward to doing just that, as well as the creative part of making a burger that taste amazing, showcasing mushrooms and other fun ingredients.

Chef Gabriel Capo's Blended Burger

-The Nest- Brisket and skirt steak, 25 percent mushroom blend, cheddar cheese, fried shallots , caramelized onions, rosemary aioli, topped with a quail egg.

What’s your specialty/what makes you unique?

I can’t say I have a specialty, but what makes me unique is my diverse knowledge of cultures, mostly Latin influenced. Being the chef of a French restaurant allows me to play with the classics, but also create fusion flavors.

What is your key to success?

Every step of my career is with the intention of being the best at what I do. As of right now, I think I’m the best I can be, but will always have the urge, and need, to learn, grow, and evolve.

Fill in the blank: If I weren’t a chef, I’d be…

I want say a soccer player, but I don’t think I have the skills 🙂 .

Best cooking tip for a novice?

Do not think you are the best, be humble, patient and learn as much as you can.

At Glance:

Favorite Mushroom: Shiitake
Your favorite dish: Coq au Vin
Your most popular dish: Sea Bass with Mushroom Risotto

Chef Gabriel Capo
F&B Atlanta
3630 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 160
Atlanta, GA 30326