Which Blended Burger Should You Be Eating Right Now?

Put your burger-eating pants on: it’s National Burger Month.

With so many burgers to choose from (and so little time!), the choice can be daunting. Fear not – just answer these five questions and we’ll reveal your dream blended burger (yes, the burger of your dreams!).

Pick a movie for movie night.

A) Wizard of Oz
B) Planet Earth
C) Superbad
D) Amélie
E) I can’t be confined to one genre!

The perfect weekend includes…

A) Reading
B) Exploring the outdoors
C) Partying
D) Traveling somewhere new
E) I’m here, I’m there… it’s hard to say!

Which is the best animal companion?

A) Dog
B) Horse
C) Dolphin
D) Cat
E) I’d have a whole zoo of pets if I could.

What do you do first thing in the morning?

A) Make a cup of coffee
B) Exercise
C) Check my social media channels
D) Read the news
E) It really depends on the day of the week!

Finally: What’s the perfect side for a burger?

A) Fries
B) Corn on the cob
C) Beer
D) Caprese Salad
E) One of everything, please!

Blenditarians believe that the mighty mushroom has meaty powers to make meals more delicious, nutritious and sustainable! Pledge to make ONE meal better this National Burger Month by blending up a blended burger (find recipes here).

Blended Burger Quiz Results

Mostly As: You love your tried-and-true choices – why rock the boat? Classics are classic for a reason! Try a Classic Blended Burger.Classic Blended Burger

Mostly Bs: You’re no fuss, no frills with an appreciation for simplicity. When it comes to burgers, you want just that – the burger! Try a Blended Bison and Mushroom Burger.

Mostly Cs: You are the life of the party! Sure you like things a little over the top – but who doesn’t?! Try a Fully-loaded Mushroom Burger.

Mostly Ds: You’re well cultured and enjoy the finer things in life. Your refined palate craves elevated flavors! Try a Mediterranean Blended Burger.

Mostly Es: You can’t be defined by just ONE burger. Take a scroll through our mouthwatering burger recipe library and try them all!