Do Better for the Planet

Better sustainability practices don’t have to be hard. Reduce your impact on the environment by adopting sustainable food practices, like The Blend.

One way to do better for the earth is to adopt The Blend. Simply replace a portion of the meat in your dishes with earth-friendly mushrooms. The Blend is the culinary practice of combining chopped mushrooms with ground meat to create a dish that is not only more sustainable, but also one that is more delicious and nutritious.

Environmental Benefits of The Blend

To lower your environmental impact, eat sustainable foods like mushrooms, which are gentle on the planet, requiring less water and land to grow than most other foods. Producing a pound of mushrooms requires only 1.8 gallons of water and 1.0 kilowatt hours of energy, while generating only .7 pounds of CO2 equivalent emissions. Up to 1 million pounds of mushrooms can be produced on just one acre.

People across the country are adopting the blenditarian lifestyle to do better for the planet. Are you ready to join them?

Take the Blenditarian Pledge now to join the movement.

Do Better for the Earth with Sustainable Blended Burgers