Do Better for Health

With the blenditarian lifestyle you can do better for your health – and your family’s health – without having to sacrifice your favorite foods.

Many people want to eat healthier, but have a hard time cutting back on less healthy foods. Fortunately, being a blenditarian, a.k.a. someone who blends chopped mushrooms with ground meat, allows you to cut down your meat consumption and add more vegetables to your diet without losing out on flavor. By swapping a portion of your meat for chopped mushrooms, you can cut fat and calories and still maintain the meaty flavor that you love.

Health Benefits of The Blend

Mushrooms offer beneficial nutrients such as vitamin D, selenium and B vitamins. Mushrooms are a nutrient powerhouse with each mushroom type providing its own health benefits. Plus, their meaty texture and umami flavor only enhances your favorite meat dishes!

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Do Better for Your Health by Using The Blend

Delicious blenditarian recipes for better health:

Better Health Blended Bison Burgers Better Health Blended Turkey BBQ Stuffed Sweet Potatoes Better Health Blended Kefta Kebob