The Blend at University of Southern California

The farm to tailgate is a fun and natural step for universities. It allows us a platform to communicate and simplify MOC principles into food commonly found on campus. Through this landscape we can reimagine the “classics” while adding elements of health, sustainability and flavor.” – Eric D. Ernest CEC, CCA, Executive Chef, USC Hospitality

In 2013, the University of Southern California became one of the first universities in the country to fully adopt The Blend as a way to boost health, sustainability and flavor on campus menus.

First introduced at a “Shroomapolooza” event, The Blend has continued to be featured in USC foodservice programs and events. Most recently, USC Hospitality, in partnership with Mushroom Council, featured The Blend in a “Farm to Tailgate” Homecoming event during its Trojan Family Game Day Experience.

The Game Day / Farm to Tailgate platform created a delicious opportunity for USC Hospitality to “blend up” classic game-day fare:

  • Grilled Blended Burgers: 70% Beef, 30% Oyster Mushrooms
  • Blended Street Tacos: 50% Ground Chicken, 50% Hen of the Woods Mushrooms