Q&A: Chef Jehangir Mehta on The Blend

Chef Jehangir Mehta is the Chef and owner of Graffiti, Graffiti Earth and Me and You in New York City.  Chef Mehta sits on the board of the Culinary Institute’s Menus of Change and has been a longtime advocate of sustainable food solutions and The Blend.

On being a Blenditarian… 

I have been a Blenditarian since before the word was even coined! We’ve been featuring a blended burger (our Graffiti Burger) at Graffiti for 10 years now. We’ve always used mushrooms and other vegetables in our burger to cut back on protein and we love it.

Like anything in life, for me The Blend is all about adopting balance. And being a Blenditarian is just that – a balanced diet and way of living. You’re cutting back a little, you’re not stopping anything. You don’t need to deprive yourself of anything, you just need to strike a balance.

Jehangir Mehta's Blended Graffiti Burger

What advice do you have for home cooks who are trying to incorporate The Blend into their diets? 

Start with your favorite dish and then work your way into blending mushrooms into it. If you’re a meatball fan, start there. If you like burgers, start with a burger. If you love dumplings use less pork and substitute with chopped mushrooms in your dumpling filler. This is a good way to get your palette to find its comfort zone and from there, you can then move forward with trying different ratios or mushroom varieties.