Junior Chef Logan Guleff The Blend

Q&A: Junior Chef Logan Guleff on The Blend

Chef Logan Guleff is a winner of the MasterChef Junior competition and one of five winners of the 2016 James Beard Foundation Blended Burger Project.

On being a Blenditarian…

It turns out I have been a Blenditarian since I was 8, as my first original recipe consisted of blending mushrooms with white meat turkey to amplify the moisture, texture and flavor. I didn’t know I was becoming a Blenditarian, but now that I am, how cool is that!? I am Logan, and I am a Blenditarian! I cook to inspire others and want to be on the forefront of helping everyone think in terms of sustainable, healthy, nutritious food. I live in an urban city and I see food deserts and hunger, so adopting techniques (e.g. The Blend) that make food more enjoyable, healthy and sustainable for future generations is a no brainer and very important to me as a junior aspiring chef.

Junior Chef Logan Guleff The Blend Burger

Favorite blend recipe?

If you haven’t tried my Mushroom Monster blended burger, you’re missing out! My blended burger consists of half portobello mushrooms and half locally sourced ground beef. The mushrooms amp up the umami of the beef and the texture is pure burger since I use no binder. After cleaning the mushrooms, I cook the mushrooms until they are dry, thereby trimming the beef by 50 percent. I also use my secret spice blend “Logan’s Rub” to marry the flavors and top it off with fontina cheese, lettuce, tomato, and bacon.

Do you have a favorite blend technique?

In my Monster Mushroom Burger, I used the waste from Portobello mushrooms – diced them and cooked them to a fine powder, and mixed in with the meat. This leaves the mushroom caps for another meal and lowered the food cost and food waste. It’s just a great burger! My biggest tip is start a flavor journal, get creative and Blend to better health, sustainable eating and “off the hook” flavor.