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Best Blended Recipes of 2021

The end of the year always feels like a time to reflect, especially on all of the yummy foods we were able to try. So, naturally, we’re thinking about the flavor-filled blended recipes from this year and took a look to see which will be crowned “best blended recipes of 2021.”

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Blended Burger

A Burger Worth $10,000

Earlier this year, we held the third annual Blended Burger Contest. From Memorial Day through July 31, both home cooks and professionals were encouraged to cook up a unique blended burger made with at least 25% finely chopped, fresh, cultivated mushrooms for a chance to win $10K each and their winning burger photo featured in […]

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Win Game Day with The Blend™

Fall football is back in full swing. Raise your hand ✋ if you’re excited for this season! You can’t see us, but trust that we have both hands up high. Now that weekends are filled with football, there’s no better time to step up your game-day grub. With help from The Blend™ – finely chopped […]

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Put a Blend on National Mushroom Month

To celebrate National Mushroom Month, we’re going on a virtual tour of the United States to showcase how different regions of the country share their love for mushrooms and The Blend 🍄.

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Are You a Blend Expert? Test Your Knowledge!

So you think you’re an expert on The Blend™? We’re here to put that knowledge to the test. Take our quiz below to find out if you’re a true Blenditarian®!

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A Blend for Every Mealtime

Ways to Enjoy the Blend Morning, Noon and Night

Let’s face it: Summer can be a hectic time! Family vacations. 🌴 Road trips. 🚘 Kids’ summer camp. 🏕️ Not to mention, longer days typically mean more time spent outside. While you may be feeling stressed to get healthy, delicious meals on the table throughout the day, The Blend™ makes that one less thing to […]

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There’s No End to The Blend: What’s Your Winning Combo?

Recipe possibilities are endless with The Blend! Choose your favorite protein and mushroom variety. Get creative with these recipes.

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Want to Win $10K? Cook Up a #BlendedBurger for a Chance! 🍔

The third annual Blended Burger Contest: one home cook and one professional will each be awarded $10K for their winning blended burger.

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How to Honor the Earth When You Cook

Do the Earth a favor and blend your next burger. Mushrooms are considered one of the most sustainably produced foods in the U.S.!

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Mushrooms: The Ultimate Secret Ingredient

Mushrooms can be the ultimate secret ingredient to enhancing your cooking and adding veggies to the plate!

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