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Matt Pittman


“The Blend is an incredibly tasty way to get vegetables into my diet. I have always enjoyed sautéed mushrooms with my steak and adding mushrooms into my steak tastes even better. Growing up in the South I learned to love fried everything. Why not combine two of my favorites into the ultimate comfort food?!”

Matt’s Country Fried Blended Hamburger Steaks 

Marisa Moore

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

“I’m often asked how to transition to a more plant-based diet. The Blend is one of my top, go-to recommendations to get more veggies on the plate while boosting flavor and nutrition.”

Marisa’s Turkey Stuffing Blenditarian Meatballs 

Kristina LaRue

Sports Dietitian and Recipe Developer

“With my almost threenager (and let’s be honest... the husband), I use The Blend to boost the nutritional profile of our diet. Any way I can blend veggies into family favorites, I do because it has a better chance of getting into the bellies, especially during football season (daddy-o loves himself some meat and carbs while watching the game). And my mushroom loving self is happy. #momwin”

Kristina’s Game Day Mini Bell Pepper Nachos 

Gaby Dalkin

Chef, author, blogger at

“Mushrooms add so much flavor and depth into any recipe and it’s upping the ante on one of my favorite recipes from my cookbook - the Chicken Mushroom Larb Bowl. We’re adding nutrients like vitamin D, B vitamins, antioxidants and potassium into the chicken mixture to get an extra hit of veggies and even more flavor. You need it in your life. TRUST ME.”

Gaby’s Blended Chicken Mushroom Larb Bowls 

Dayle Hayes

RDN, founder of School Meals that Rock

“As a school nutrition cheerleader, my work is focused on making sure that all school meals are as delicious, nutritious and kid-friendly as possible. Blended entrees like burgers, meatballs and tacos are a win-win-win for school nutrition programs. They have layers of umami flavor, they are lower in fat and sodium than other school products, and hungry students love them!”

Learn more about serving The Blend in schools 

Laura Rege

Recipe developer and food stylist, former senior member of the editorial teams at Food & Wine and Martha Stewart Living

“My passion is to inspire people to create beautiful, nutrient-filled dishes that taste as amazing as they look. One of my go-to healthy eating tips for consuming more produce is to blend ground meat with mushrooms. Elevating flavor and nutrition at the same time... a win-win!”

Laura’s Rice-Noodle Bowl with Blended Meatballs 

Amir Hajimaleki

Executive Chef and Owner of Oasthouse Kitchen + Bar and District Kitchen + Cocktails

“As a chef, I love using fresh ingredients to create delicious and memorable meals for my guests, friends and family. I use mushrooms for their rich flavor, but also because I feel that I have a responsibility to incorporate sustainable ingredients into my dishes.”

Chef Amir’s umami-packed Umami Melt 

Kris Moon

Vice President James Beard Foundation

“Chefs and home cooks alike have been challenged to serve healthy and sustainable dishes that still offer incredible flavor and satisfaction. I love The Blend because it is a real solution to these everyday challenges.”

Chefs can adopt The Blend by entering the Annual Blended Burger Project, a competition challenging chefs to menu a blended burger.

Learn more about the Blended Burger Project and try a blended burger near you!

Jehangir Mehta

Celebrity chef, New York City’s ‘Most Sustainable Chef’, owner of Graffiti Earth Restaurant

“I’m a blenditarian because I adore how marrying mushrooms in recipes creates a sustainable meal. Mushrooms are one of the most sustainably produced foods in the United States thanks to their low water usage and the fact that they require very little land as they are grown on stacked beds. Blending mushrooms with meat is gentle on the planet, and for a sustainable chef, that is an eminent mantra.”

Chef Jehangir’s earth-friendly Graffiti Burger 

Melissa d’Arabian

Celebrity chef, TV host, best-selling author

“I'm a blenditarian because I'm a mom to four kiddos, and I love to find any opportunity to boost the nutrition profile of my family's dinners.”

Melissa’s Weeknight Blenditarian Lasagna 

Logan Guleff

MasterChef Junior Champion

“I was a blenditarian before it was cool to be a blenditarian. My very first recipe was actually a blend. At age 8 I realized that adding mushrooms to my burger would increase the flavor and moisture, making my burger go from good to great, all because of mushrooms. Mushrooms are amazing!”

Logan’s Blended Kebobs 

Katie Cavuto

Integrative dietitian,
chef and wellness advocate

“Flavor is everything when it comes to creating nourishing, satisfying meals. The Blend allows me to enhance flavor and maximize nutrition all the while increasing the veggies on my plate. Blending mushrooms with ground meat also saves me money and allows me to eat more sustainably; all great assets in my book.”

Katie’s Blended Asian Beef Bowl