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And the 2017 Blended Burger Project Winners are…

More than 400 restaurants duked it out to be named one of five 2017 Blended Burger Project Winners Blended burgers were the hot trend in restaurants this summer. From Memorial Day through the end of July, 414 restaurants* in 45 states accepted the challenge to menu a burger that blends mushrooms with meat as a […]

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One Blend, Four Dinners: Back-to-School Meals Made Simple

The Blend makes back-to-school meals easy. Homework, car pool, soccer practice – school is back in session and fall schedules are hectic! Every second counts when it comes to finding the time to make healthy family dinners. The Blend, or the act of blending finely chopped mushrooms into ground meat, can be an easy-prep, versatile […]

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Spotted: Celeb Jack Johnson Eating a Blended Burger

Stars they’re just like us – they even eat blended burgers! Let us set the stage: On Saturday, July 15th, we hosted a blenditarian booth at the Burgers, Brews and Bluegrass Block Party at Slow Food Nations in Denver, Colorado. We had our own section at this all-inclusive block party, which included five chefs serving […]

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Aramark Dietitian Dishes on Why She Chooses The Blend

We are excited to have Christa Jacobs, a registered dietitian nutritionist for Aramark, share her thoughts on The Blend, including the nutritional benefits and her advice for blending mushrooms with meat. What are some of the nutritional benefits of mushrooms? Christa Jacobs: Mushrooms, while low in carbs and fat, are high in many essential nutrients. […]

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Q&A: Chef Danny Lledo, Slate Wine Bar + Bistro 

The Blended Burger Project™ has headed into its last month and we have invited Chef Danny Lledo, Slate Wine Bar + Bistro to tell us a little about himself and what inspired his Blended Burger. Where did you start your career? Food runs in my family, so my career really started when I was young, […]

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6 Steps to Making Blended Burgers

Get out the grill: it’s time to make blended burgers There’s no better time to get outside and grill up your favorite blended burger! From bison to turkey, grilled blended burgers offer a variety of delicious flavor combinations. Whether your grilling for yourself, your family or a crowd, there’s a blended burger for everyone. Umami-packed […]

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Q&A: Buffalo is Rising Above and Beyond the Call of Duty | Part 2

Christa and her team at Nickel City Chef, have been working effortlessly to promote these great Buffalo restaurants and chefs. Why did you want to participate in the Blended Burger Project™ “The Blended Burger Project™ presents participating chefs with the challenge of blending mushrooms into a ground meat product, but the result can produce a […]

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Q&A: Buffalo is Rising Above and Beyond the Call of Duty | Part 1

Nickel City Chef, owned by Christa Glennie Seychew, a passionate Buffalonian and advocate for independent restaurants and family farms, has asked thirteen of the Buffalo’s most talented chefs to create their take on a blended burger as part of the Blended Burger Project™! To further promote these independent restaurants, Nickel City Chef is also running […]

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Q&A: Chef Clark Barlowe, Heirloom Restaurant

Where did you start your career? I began my culinary career in my hometown of Lenoir, N.C., where my family, which can be traced back seven generations, was a constant source of inspiration for traditional Southern cooking techniques and ingredients. While attending culinary school in Charlotte, I worked for legendary Charlotte restaurateur Frank Scibelli at […]

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Q&A: Chef Amy LaBelle, The Bistro at LaBelle

Where did you start your career? I’ve been cooking for as long as I can remember as a young child, with my family. I thoroughly enjoy entertaining and when I embarked on my career as Owner and Winemaker, at LaBelle Winery (The Bistro at LaBelle), cooking with wine and pairing food with wine became a […]

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