Mushroom Council Served Up Hundreds of Blended Burgers at Sturgis

Mushroom Council Served 400 Blended Burgers at Sturgis Rally

The Mushroom Council took on a new frontier of burger lovers last week when it served The Blend to hundreds of bikers attending the 77th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota.

Pair of Bikers Eating Blended Burgers at Sturgis

“It’s the best burger I’ve had all week,” was the familiar refrain offered up by bikers who stepped off Sturgis’ Main Street drag to sample a 70/30 meat-mushroom blend.

The Council served 400 blended burgers topped with pomegranate ketchup, banana pepper curry mustard, tahini remoulade, balsamic onions, bacon, and spinach, made by Chicago chef Lance Avery. The event was hosted by Thunder Press magazine as part of its 25th anniversary celebration and was a fundraiser for the iconic Sturgis Museum and Hall of Fame.

Bart Minor, president of the Mushroom Council, helped serve the blended burgers at Sturgis Rally.

“I wanted to know first-hand how blended burgers would be accepted by meat eaters and burger fans who hold nothing back in their opinions,” said Minor. “It’s safe to say we’ve recruited hundreds of new Blenditarians – they gave it resounding accolades and came back for seconds. The event was an excellent demonstration of The Blend’s universal appeal.”

Biker Enjoying Blended Burgers at Sturgis

The Blend is gaining traction across the country and has now been accepted at a motorcycle rally – the unlikeliest of places.

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