Q&A: Chef Danny Lledo, Slate Wine Bar + Bistro 

The Blended Burger Project™ has headed into its last month and we have invited Chef Danny Lledo, Slate Wine Bar + Bistro to tell us a little about himself and what inspired his Blended Burger.

Where did you start your career?

Food runs in my family, so my career really started when I was young, working for my dad, a Paris Cordon Bleu Chef. I learned the basics, including food prep, preparing sauces, and pretty much doing everything that he said.

Over a decade, I learned the foodservice business ins and outs by holding a variety of positions with industry leaders including, Think Food Group, and Taberna del Alabardero and Botin (known for being the world’s oldest restaurant).

I came into my own when I began managing Slate Wine Bar + Bistro, in 2013. This Glover Park neighborhood favourite is now going into its fifth year of successful operation due to serving the best products from kitchen-to-plate and putting the ‘hospitality’ back into the hospitality industry.

“Over the years, my love and devotion to food has only grown. My guests inspire me as a chef. It’s my love of making people happy, greeting regulars when they come back, and challenging myself with new dishes to take away the breath of my customers that invigorates me and inspires me on a daily basis.”


What is your specialty?

My Seafood Paella is my speciality. This house favourite is actually a combination of two dishes: Arròs a banda and an Alicante Seafood Paella. The flavor of the rice is the star, but people also love all the seafood. My seafood paella is also award winning, having won the overall “Best Paella” at the Paella Wine & Beer Festival in Los Angeles, California, in 2016.

What’s in your fridge at home?

The Basics; mayo, eggs, bread, butter, heavy cream, capers, cornichons, potatoes, onions, garlic, shallots, two bottles of Chardonnay and one bottle of Red Car Rose… and of course eight different types of mustard, like I said, the basics!

Seafood Paella

2016 Best Paella at the Paella Wine Festival in Los Angeles, California.

At a Glance:

Favorite Mushroom: Black Trumpet
Your favorite dish: Arròs a banda
Your most popular dish: Our Award-Winning Seafood Paella

Chef Danny Lledo Blended Burger

Why are you participating in the Blended Burger Project™?

I’m participating because it’s an opportunity to showcase a new and healthier way of enjoying an all-American dish, the hamburger, and to foster more sustainable eating in my community. The Porcini Mushroom, the true highlight of this burger, shows how properly seasoned vegetables can substitute for meat in an equally delicious way.

Blended Burger Project™ Recipe

Serves: 4
Burger patty:
22 oz filet mignon scraps
8 oz hydrated porcini mushrooms
4 oz minced garlic
2 tbsp fresh ground black pepper
2 tbsp salt

For the dish:
4 brioche hamburger buns
20 rings deep-fried, buttermilk shallots
8 leaves lettuce
4 slices tomato
2 oz freshly made chipotle aioli
16 oz fries
Burger Patty: Grind the meat and mushrooms. Mix together the mushroom and meat blend with the garlic, salt and pepper, and shape into four (4) patties. Grill until desired temperature.

To build the burger:
1. Toast the bun.
2. Spread the aioli on one bun
3. On the other bun, layer the cooked burger patty, then lettuce, tomato, shallots and top with the bun with the spread.

Serve with a side of fries lightly seasoned with salt.

Chef Danny Lledo
Slate Wine Bar + Bistro
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Washington, DC 20007
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