5 Reasons to Take the Blenditarian Pledge (Yes, you)

You haven’t taken the blenditarian pledge yet? Really? Ok, here are five reasons to pledge that you just can’t ignore.

  1. You love food. Maybe you like cooking it, maybe you like taking pictures of it, but probably you just love eating it. What matters most in this equation is good-tasting food. Not just good – better. We’re talking mouth-watering, taste-bud-dancing, party-in-your-mouth flavor. Can we all agree that when we’re not eating, we’re thinking about it? Every recipe gets an upgrade with The Blend (even Mom’s spaghetti). Take the Pledge to Do Better for Flavor.
  2. Admit it, you try to cut calories when you can (emphasis: try). But you’re not a super strict 30-day-challenge, power-cycle, all-greens-all-the-time kind of person (or maybe you are, in which case – kudos!). Regardless, you can have your burger and eat it too – literally. Swapping in mushrooms for a portion of the meat in your fave dishes means less calories and fat, more nutrients and yum. Take the Pledge to Do Better for Health.
  3. Money doesn’t grow on trees, unfortunately. We get it, we’re all trying to put more in our 401k and save for things that truly matter (and maybe one of those awesome new instant pressure cookers, amirite?). Pro Tip: Stretch your dollar by stretching your meals (i.e., mushrooms + meat = more servings). Get it? Take the Pledge to Do Better for Your Dollar.
  4. This little place we call home (aka EARTH). Maybe you’re not living a waste-free life, and maybe not all your kitchen scraps make it into the compost (or maybe you don’t even know what a compost is – that’s OK). The point is: we can all appreciate Mother Earth and show Her a little love by making sustainable choices – like adding mushrooms into meals. Take the Pledge to Do Better for Sustainability.
  5. Um, free recipe book + entries for swag – need we say more?

Take the Pledge Already!