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Jehangir Mehta

Celebrity chef, New York City’s ‘Most Sustainable Chef’, owner of Graffiti Earth Restaurant

“I’m a blenditarian because I adore how marrying mushrooms in recipes creates a sustainable meal. Mushrooms are one of the most sustainably produced foods in the United States thanks to their low water usage and the fact that they require very little land as they are grown on stacked beds. Blending mushrooms with meat is gentle on the planet, and for a sustainable chef, that is an eminent mantra.”

Chef Jehangir’s earth-friendly Graffiti Burger>

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Melissa d’Arabian

Celebrity chef, TV host, best-selling author

“I'm a blenditarian because I'm a mom to four kiddos, and I love to find any opportunity to boost the nutrition profile of my family's dinners.”

Melissa’s Weeknight Blenditarian Lasagna>

Logan Guleff

MasterChef Junior Champion

“I was a blenditarian before it was cool to be a blenditarian. My very first recipe was actually a blend. At age 8 I realized that adding mushrooms to my burger would increase the flavor and moisture, making my burger go from good to great, all because of mushrooms. Mushrooms are amazing!”

Logan’s Blended Kebobs >

Katie Cavuto

Integrative dietitian,
chef and wellness advocate

“Flavor is everything when it comes to creating nourishing, satisfying meals. The Blend allows me to enhance flavor and maximize nutrition all the while increasing the veggies on my plate. Blending mushrooms with ground meat also saves me money and allows me to eat more sustainably; all great assets in my book.”

< Katie’s Blended Asian Beef Bowl