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The Blended Burger Project™ is a movement in partnership with the James Beard Foundation to make burgers better by blending mushrooms with meat—creating a more delicious, nutritious and sustainable burger.

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The third annual Blended Burger Project™ closed with 414 restaurants* in 45 states and hundreds of thousands of consumer votes.

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"As a proponent of sustainable, healthy foods, I'm thrilled to join the Blended Burger Project™. The meaty, umami qualities of mushrooms make them the perfect ingredient to boost a burger's flavor - and their nutritional and environmental qualities make a great burger even better."

Hugh AchesonJames Beard Foundation
Award-winning chef, author and Top Chef judge

"I chose to participate in the Blended Burger Project this year because I wanted to challenge myself to get really creative and bring something unique and dynamic to the table. In addition to showcasing how well the all of the eclectic ingredients combine to a harmonious creation that both looks delicious and melts in your mouth."

Donnie SimmonsZada Jane's Corner Café, Charlotte

"We chose to participate because we believe that a burger can be more than just ground beef. Mushrooms are a popular addition to a lot of burgers, but adding them as a sustainable ingredient and also using mushrooms throughout the menu is a very important concept for our restaurant and myself personally."

Matt StumThe Local Eatery and Pub, Westfield

"Americans are one of the only food cultures that think of vegetables as a side. I believe we should be eating more vegetables (and whole foods in general) and think blending mushrooms into the meal itself helps us get closer to making meals more nutritious and therefore allowing us to lead more productive lives."

Jenn LouisLincoln Restaurant, Portland

"In a university setting, surrounded by fast food and quick bites, feeding college students presents the constant struggle of influencing them to choose healthy foods. By introducing the YUMami Burger, we are able to offer them a burger that looks and tastes delicious, but that also packs a nutritious punch of the many health benefits of mushrooms."

Jorge PadmoreMontclair State Dining, Montclair

"We have been serving a blended beef & lamb burger for the past seven years and it is one of our most popular menu items. We believe in the flavor opportunities available from blended burgers and mushrooms are an especially Northwest ingredient, making our Nel Centro burger a great representation of a NW Blended Burger."

John EisenhartNel Centro, Portland

"I believe that a fundamental change in our food system is in dire need. As chefs, we have access to the best ingredients, skilled teams, and the experience to create something unique. We can help to change perceptions of food. We can prove that sustainability does not mean less flavor."

David PeaBraindead Brewing, Dallas

"It is a great way to reduce 25% or more of red meat consumption. It is a win-win all around, everyone benefits from this simple change - the planet, the mushroom industry, consumer health, cost savings, etc.. This is the future, just the tip of the iceberg, "blended" applies to all aspects of our industry and food production."

John MerucciSouth Quad Central Campus Dining, Ann Arbor

"I chose to participate in the Blended Burger Project because challenging myself in culinary creativity it what I do best. I'm always looking for new ways to create unique flavor profiles and the Blended Burger Project is literally right up my alley!"

Chef Diego SolanoBulla Gastrobar, Miami, Florida

"Sustainability and health are two very important things to me as a chef. Adding freshly cultivated mushrooms to the ground meat will add freshness, make my guests rethink about vegetables in a different way and how to use them more to make recipes healthier."

Raenel Stelly Rae's Cuisine, A Personal Chef Service, Nashville

"I really like the idea of getting our guests into healthier eating habits. Especially, if they don't have to give up some of the best things in life like Hamburgers. Our guests enjoyed the Burger from last year so much, we have had it on the menu since then. It is still one of our top selling items on the menu."

Noah Hester Blue Dragon Restaurant, Hawaii

"It's an opportunity to showcase a "mushroom burger" in a way that most people aren't accustomed too. Mushrooms add tremendous richness and depth of flavor to our burger."

Kevin Sharkey1608 Crafthouse, Virginia Beach

"There is so much one can do with mushrooms! Chef Matt Ayala had a great time coming up with the Burger... who doesn't want a delicious Burger and who doesn't want to participate in such a fun contest with the JBF? We're excited!!"

Cochon Volant Brasserie, Chicago

"Fantastic program inspiring change one bite a time by the James Beard Foundation. The Better Burger Project has inspired local chefs to make healthier, better versions of the quintessential all-American classic - the BURGER."

The Federal

"I've heard our (service) team tell guests it's like a burger only better, that it just melts in your mouth. That you hardly even chew it. And they have a pretty good feel for it; they all order them for shift meal almost every day."

Chef Nichols Quaff ON

"After having a bite of the Frontier Blended Burger Project Burger I don't think I can eat a burger without mushrooms blended."

Angela Woody Consumer

Exclusively for College and University Chefs!

Win a trip to cook at the historic James Beard House in NYC with the James Beard Foundation Blended Burger Project™ Campus Edition.

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Calling All Burger Lovers!

One of the easiest ways for you to support the JBF Blended Burger Project and become a blenditarian is to eat at a local participating restaurant.

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